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Cape Cod Health And Wellness Retreat 2016 Pictures

Cape Cod Retreat 2016 follow up information

Hello Tribe!
Day 3 of being back to reality and we surely hope you are remembering and reviewing everything you wrote in your journals! 🙂

We thought that we would send along some helpful reminders from our workshops to keep you motivated!

~From Coach Mike’s The Natural Cleanse –

~From Coach Kelly’s Part 1 of Unveiling your inner nutritionist; Relaxation-
Ghandi: “There is more to life than increasing its speed”

How you react to stress may influence the relaxation technique that works best for you:

  • The “fight” response. If you tend to become angry, agitated, or keyed up under stress, you will respond best to stress relief activities that quiet you down, such as meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, or guided imagery.
  • The “flight” response.If you tend to become depressed, withdrawn, or spaced out under stress, you will respond best to stress relief activities that are stimulating and energize your nervous system, such as rhythmic exercise, massage, mindfulness, or power yoga.
  • The immobilization response.If you’ve experienced some type of trauma and tend to “freeze” or become “stuck” under stress, your challenge is to first rouse your nervous system to a fight or flight response (above) so you can employ the applicable stress relief techniques. To do this, choose physical activity that engages both your arms and legs, such as running, dancing, or tai chi, and perform it mindfully, focusing on the sensations in your limbs as you move.

~From Coach Mike’s Mind Body Connection –

~From Coach Kelly’s Part 2 of Unveiling your inner nutritionist; Quality
Anonymous: “The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a new star.”

Food is energy, food is love, and food is really information.  What information do you want your body to receive?  Are we on the “good page” or “bad page”.  How do you want to show up in the world.  When you show your body and mind love with nutrition it shows up to everyone around you and magic starts to happen!  A healthy body is a healthy mind and vice versa.

Please remember, stay connected with us and let us help you.  How?  There are a few ways…call us 888 707 1102, join our facebook page and share everything you’ve learned.  Everyone can benefit from the education.

Club Inhale / Exhale offers the new “The Weight is Over” Programs

  • 6 Months Plus Program – learn EVERYTHING about Health and Wellness at your pace with you personalized coaching program!
  • Total Nutritional Transformation Program – Demystify your nutritional battles and start developing your new lifestyle!
  • 90 Day Healthier Body Program – What you learn in 90 days could change your life forever!
  • 10 Weeks to Unveiling Your Inner Nutritionist – Customized for you!  If you’ve ever struggled with finding a way to a deep, happy and healthy connection with your body and food, this program is for you.

Please share!

Can’t wait to see you all again,

Coach Kelly and Mike

Choose Your Space – Retreat Blog

Well, maybe I can do that?  Have you told yourself those words before?

…..”I’m breaking up with you.  It’s not you, it’s ME.  I need space.  I need to experience new places.  I need to learn new things.  I need to clear my head.  I need ME time.”

So yes, I’m breaking up with you.

Those words hurt if they’re directed at you.

Or do they?

In my opinion I’d rather hear those words than lies.  Lies hurt more.  Especially when you lie to yourself.

  • Would you like to have the space and time to communicate about what you need to be your best self?
  • Wish you could give yourself time away?
  • Would you like to be clearer with your intentions?
  • Don’t you wish someone would just hear you?

If answered yes to any of these questions, you need to break up!  Break up from self-limiting beliefs!

How?  Start somewhere, anywhere.  Get up and 4:00 AM and walk the dog!

Make it worth it.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Make a better zone.

comfort zone

If people don’t like it, break up with them.  Be honest with them.  Ok, ok, try being honest first, then if they don’t like it break up with them.  : )

Make a pledge to yourself to find your space or retreat style!


If you’ve given yourself 24 hours or more, spending 1-2 hours of that time driving somewhere beautiful could be a great investment. Check into a private home/B&B or hotel and enjoy a real change of scenery. If you’ve only got a few hours, you’ll have to be more practical. A friend’s vacated house or apartment is an option (you won’t feel compelled to distract yourself by cleaning their dishes). If you just want to think and don’t plan to do much research or writing, going for a long walk in a nearby nature preserve is an excellent choice.

Sound like a way to start?

Good, we can help.  Let’s break up with your unwanted habits, negative or self-limiting beliefs!

We are personally inviting you to choose your space with us at all of our upcoming Retreats.  The retreats and workshops that I’ve gone to have proven how extremely important it is to:

#1 Ask yourself why, #2 Claim your time, #3 Choose your space

Get some new ideas, tips and ways to live a better lifestyle!  We are literally handing you the time to spend on yourself.  The one, two, three’s!

Our June 2015 Cape Cod Retreat proved that people need space and time to shine and reset their health and wellness.

Here is one amazing testimonial:

“I had such a great time!  All the coaches went above and beyond.  Very professional, honest and sincere at all levels.  The coaches shared their wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition, fitness and how it all effects our mind, body and soul.  Truly inspirational.  Can’t wait for the next retreat!

Whether you join us in Costa Rica, Cape Cod (mini personalized retreat), Lexington MA or at Club Inhale / Exhale OR our large retreat in the Summer on Cape Cod 2016 you’ll end up breaking up with something really great!!

“Sometimes, we’re not even that comfortable in our comfort zone.”- Coach Kelly



We are BACK! #CCR15 was a success! Health and Wellness Retreat with Club Inhale / Exhale

We just got back from speaking at the Club Inhale / Exhale health and wellness retreat 2015 #CCR15, and as we reflect back on the weekend and new and old friends who attended the event, we’re reminded again that we are in the best and most fulfilling industry on this planet!

Look, there were plenty of people facilitating health, holistic wellness, fitness and adventures….
…but our job at the Cape Cod Health and Wellness retreat was to teach the audience the two most important things… how to change their strategies on health and wellness AND how to stick to it!
We took the “stage” and taught them how to change the game they play in their heads with themselves, how to balance nutrition for their lifestyles and how to jump out of their comfort zones….AND IT WORKED!

Mission accomplished! 

= = What’s NOT Working Now in Fitness = = 

1) go big or go home. There’s simply no better way to get intimidated with fitness!  Right?

In order to help our retreaters with this go big BS attitude, we offered 2 outdoor adventures, biking and kayaking.  Some were scared of one or the other or both.  By the end…they were all racing around, laughing and motivating each other.  We’ve never seen such big smiles!  So much fun!

These are the bikes we took out on the trail! club inhale exhale bike ride

JUST KIDDING!  Some folks brought their own and some rented.  What a gorgeous day, the wind was perfect, the sky was bright blue. We even saved a turtle crossing the path!
club inhale exhale arrowsWouldn’t this be great for someone like you?  How about a family member or friend, maybe a co-worker?  It really does work for A N Y O N E or shall we say any”body”!  Yup! It’s true!  We’ve proven it.


= = What’s NOT Working Now In Nutrition = = 

2) Having the “gotta’s”. There’s still no faster and more reliable way to screw up your nutrition plans.  We all get the “gotta’s” – right?  I gotta go here, there, take this, get that, be that, do this.  UGH!  YUCK.  Drop the gottas – they suck!  It’s an excuse to remove YOU from the picture.  Take time for you….

In order to help our retreaters with this priceless part of their – YOUR – lives we offered 4 workshops:

  • How to incorporate nutrition into your life,
  • How to keep your Macros balanced for life,
  • Coach Kelly’s trademarked B-Leef™ – 6 steps to complete confidence with your new lifestyle.

club inhale exhale arrowsWouldn’t this be great for someone like you?  How about a family member or friend, maybe a co-worker?  It really does work for A N Y O N E or again, shall we say any”body”!  Of course!
Think about it this way… if you got everyone in your community who was interested in wellness, fitness and fat loss to opt into our Health and Wellness retreats with you, would your world be a better place, would you trust your instincts more, would you be more confident?

We bet yes!  You better bet YES! LOL!

We are building the next Health and Wellness Retreat as we “speak”.  You have the confidence in you; let us help you find it.

Feeling confident already? Great!  Become a Club Inhale / Exhale pioneer among your peers and teach them to find their path to a better lifestyle.

It can only get better from here!

OH, and by the way- We just got off the phone with a #CCR15 retreater…one of their feedback comments…

“I wanted more!”  True story!
Here’s to “When you change your mind, you CAN change your body”

Coach Mike and Coach Kelly

Club Inhale / Exhale

530 Boston Rd, Billerica MA

888 707 1102