Club Inhale/Exhale’s Health and Wellness Retreat

Club Inhale/Exhale’s Health and Wellness Retreat

Club Inhale/Exhale’s Health and Wellness Retreat

July 15th – 17th 2016 Cape Cod Retreat!

To successfully lose weight and keep it off you need accountability, structure, support, guidance, love, and understanding. Most of all, you need time for the good habits to become part of your life everyday.  Our 30 plus years of real-world experience has taught us that change – and the significant, even extreme weight loss that comes with it – requires a commitment.  Change requires you to know yourself, work on change within .  Our Fitness and Nutrition Retreat will spark a fire within you and help motivate you to focus on your overall well being.

Open up to the world inside you.

  • What is missing from your Health and Wellness and being your best?
  • Do you feel like you’ve tried all the ‘tricks” to a healthy lifestyle and failed?
  • Have you been seeking change and support, knowing that your stuck in the day to day?
  • Let us help you achieve health and wellness as you navigate through life’s stresses and challenges in just one weekend!
  • Check out all of our testimonials below, this Health and Wellness retreat will change your life!
  • Our lifestyle coaches will help you change your mind on how you look at your challenges with health and wellness!

What an incredible weekend of fun in the sun at our 2015 Cape Cod retreat!  

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The retreat will include a series of fitness activities and Mind/Body Workshops that will help you understand what it is that you are really looking for.

We’ve been given one body, mind, and soul, no one can take them away from you,  if you want to be happy and healthy as you age, you need to take care of YOU!

The Club Inhale/Exhale retreat is for people who want to act on what they have learned and want direct interaction with the nutrition and fitness coaches who have helped many people achieve their personal goals related to the following personal needs and desires.

Our testimonials from our 2015 Health and Wellness Retreat

testimonial 5

testimonial 4

testimonial 3

testimonial 2

testimonial 1

Here’s your chance to make the changes necessary to live a happier, healthier, and more empowering life! 

  • Lodging at one of two private homes, limited availability
  • Breakfast and lunch, with nutritional coaching included


  • Kayaking with your Coaches
  • Biking with your Coaches
  • Pilates with your Coaches


  • Coach Kelly’s Game Changer
  • Coach Michael’s How to Make Fitness and Nutrition a Lifestyle
  • Coach Kelly’s B-Leef(tm)
  • Coach Michael’s Understanding your Nutrition

Only $495 per person

Includes your retreat, breakfast and lunch both days.  That’s a full weekend get away with lodging, food, & activities!

We have limited space available at our private retreat homes, when registering you will see an option to purchase the retreat at the retreat homes.

If you do not want to stay at one of the homes, you’ll have the option to purchase without lodging and be able to find your own accommodations.


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