eat ice cream and lose 40+lbs

eat ice cream and lose 40+lbs

Hey all,

We are so glad to hear all the “at-a-girl” and “nice work!!” and exciting feedback from Becky’s success and Wall of Fame photos! Great job again on over 40lbs lost, Becky!

Here’s our next superstar, Chris.  Can you believe that Chris is 60+.  He’s lost 40lbs while working with Coach Kelly and guess what? He did it while eating ice cream almost every night.
How? What the heck?…yes!  

Chris was really dedicated to losing weight for a plethora of health reasons and wow, what a success story!  Chris and I worked in harmony for almost a year and  on customized a full nutritional design and plan with strategies to supersede his goals.  Chris was highly skeptical at first, but those first 25lbs slipped away even after balancing his favorite foods with ice cream at any time he liked!

Chris joined Club Inhale / Exhale after seeing the results and success of his wife while working with Coach Kelly as well.  He didn’t want to be left behind!  So our point is, YES YOU CAN…even after age 60! and eating ice cream at your heart’s desire!

Congratulations to Chris on a job very well done, we love you!

Chris Before and After - Front

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