Functional Fitness with Pilates at Club Inhale Exhale

Functional Fitness with Pilates at Club Inhale Exhale

Join the best Pilates class in the Merrimack Valley!

Join the best Pilates class in the Merrimack Valley!

Functional Fitness is the specific training for the particular sport called ‘living’!

Pilates is functional fitness in the respect that it allows you to function normally in your Activities of Daily Living (ADL)!  Functional exercise refers to exercises or activities that mimic movements similar to those required to perform ADL.  Most exercises/activities in a typical pilates class are not things you would do on a daily basis; however, the movements/exercises/activities done in class allow your body to function in the way that is needed to survive a typical day with little- to no- pain.

In order for the body to work properly you must start at the foundation…(even beyond the core) the spine!  When you re-align your spine your body will be able to move pain-free in the way it was meant to move.  Obviously after any trauma full range of motion or function may not be possible, but you will find you can achieve the best possible outcome by getting your vertebrae in their proper place.

Creating the space between vertebrae to allow the discs to function properly is one of the main focuses in my Mat Pilates classes.  Lengthening the spine through gentle stretches and exercises will decompresses the vertebrae and ultimately allow you to move with greater flexibility and range of motion.  At the same time, you are strengthening muscles of the lower back, abdominals, legs, and multiple stabilizer muscles that are needed to keep your spine in the correct form.  You will find that you are able to stand for longer periods of time without lower back pain once your body learns how to keep the spine in the correct position to support your body weight while standing.

Stronger core muscles allow you to be able to walk longer, carry heavier things, get down on the floor to play with your grandchildren (and get back up), and generally get more life out of your day because you are no longer in pain… you get to participate in the game of ‘life’ rather than watching from the sidelines.

Club Inhale / Exhale is at 530 Boston Rd Billerica, MA

888 707 1102

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