Men’s Wellness Retreat

Men’s Wellness Retreat

Men, take a break from your busy schedules and come together with other men for networking and education.

This is our first of many Men’s Wellness Retreats that will bring together a great panel of speakers with topics ranging from Men’s Health and Wellness, Creating a Fulfilling Partnership, Real Estate, Systems Thinking and Practical Help For Your Digital Life.

Men’s Wellness Retreats are a great time to connect with others in your field of work or make new connections to network with.

During this retreat day you will have a chance to learn from the experts in their fields and pick their brain!

Location:         Newport RI

Cost:                 $49 US

Dates:               November 12, 2016

Hotel:               Viking Hotel

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You may also make reservations by calling: 401-847-3300
The Hotel Viking
1 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840

Here is our line up of speakers:

Michael Color Pro Pic

Michael LoColle Lifestyle Coach  


Michael LoColle is the co-founder and one of the creative minds behind Club Inhale / Exhale, LLC, a business dedicated to helping clients and community reach their personal health and wellness objectives through greater understanding of nutrition psychology, fitness design and lifestyle goals.

As Michael explains, “Club Inhale / Exhale is about lifestyle balance first and having a fitness & nutrition program that creates a healthy body, mind and soul is the start of that new lifestyle. Michael goes on to state, “as we learn more about ourselves personally we can then create a plan that has that at the forefront making it possible for us to achieve continued success.

Michael is qualifying to judge for the NGA (National Gym Association)

In June of 2015 Michael began hosting & facilitating Club Inhale / Exhale Health and Wellness Retreats.

In February of 2016 Michael was hand selected to be the east coast partner for the Human Potential Academy.  These workshops focus on personal growth and leadership and are held locally and internationally.

In June 2014 through June 2015 Michael co-hosted the Green Chocolate Bar Radio Show (an interactive radio show on Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle.

In January 2016 Michael took the radio format for the Green Chocolate Bar and began co-hosting the show on BATV (Billerica Access TV)

Michael is proud to be a committee member of the Billerica Health and Wellness Fair

Club Inhale/Exhale is currently working on a fitness cookbook: The Lazy Mans Nutrition Guide

Presenting on:

Is It Low Testosterone or Normal Aging?

Photo Jul 17, 9 30 51 AM

Michael LoColle

As men get older, testosterone levels decline naturally and almost imperceptibly. But for some men, a significant decline can impact their quality of life. So how can you tell the difference between normal aging and low testosterone?

When testosterone levels are too low, men may experience less interest in sex, fewer spontaneous erections, and a reduced intensity of orgasm and sensation. It may also cause loss of pubic hair, decrease in energy, increase in fatigue, depression, poor concentration and memory, disrupted sleep, and reduced strength.

Find out how certain foods, and a combination of the right workout regimen can help!


Andy M Profile Pic

Andrew L. Miser, Ph.D.  


Andy Miser is a certified professional coach, who specializes in working with couples in creating a fulfilling and enduring partnership in life together. He’s written a book, The Partnership Marriage: Creating the Life You Love…Together. Working with private couples and with couples in group settings, he supports them in clarifying what is important to them, what they want to create for themselves and what actions they will take to fulfill their joint vision. His website is

He has as a BA in psychology from Colgate University, a Masters in educational psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from The University of Connecticut. Andy has been married to his wife and partner, Martha, for 41 years.

Andy lives in Boston with his wife partner, Martha. They have been married for 40 years.

Presenting on:

Exploring Partnership in Marriage

Andy M Profile Pic

Andrew L. Miser

In this workshop, you will explore what partnership looks like for you in your marriage (or committed relationship).  You will inquire into the quality of your life when partnership is present and when it is not.  You will also examine ways of being and action you can take, which will promote teamwork and partnership in your relationship.  Lastly, you will inquire into the power of appreciation and acknowledgement in fostering connection, teamwork and partnership in your marriage.


Chris Michaud

Chris Michaud


Real estate broker for 30+ years in 3 different states. An authority on real estate management and creating

alternative business models. Agents under his supervision historically outperform their competition 3:1.

Developed several marketing programs, including: AlliedBuyIt Program (SM) (unique lease to own program), $ell $ave Marketing (SM) (alternate agent business model), and co-developed the REOSmart Program (SM) (marketing program for lenders to sell REO property). Known for creative solutions.

  • Counsels buyers, sellers, investors, lawyers and other professionals in real estate.
  • Experienced real estate investor for both residential and land development property.
  • Experienced private commercial lender.
  • Experienced lobbying advocate at state and national level
  • Guest real estate speaker

The premise on which our business was founded is, Rule #1:”People come first, and treat them the way you wish to be treated.”

Co-Author 2016

Easy Money and the Great Real Estate Ponzi Scheme (To be published in 2016)

The Great Housing Recession caused an enormous drain on household wealth and brought the global economy to its knees. Several groups that dodge responsibility are at fault to varying degrees and are examined in great detail.

However, it is not the fault of the people who played by the rules, or of their children, whose standard of living will be diminished as result. The status quo will be upset as the book “blows the whistle” on the patently false narrative propagated by these co-conspirators and parroted by the media. The hypocrisy of politicians claiming to help low to moderate income borrowers when they did the opposite is exposed. Unlike any other book written on the subject, all the complex variables are woven into a coherent discussion and illustrate how they impact the real estate market today. In addition, several real estate myths are dispelled, including the premise on which home ownership is based.  Learn more about Chris at

Presenting on:

There’s ALWAYS action in the real estate business

Chris MichaudJN-6248

Learning all there is to know about investment real estate is not possible in an hour. Most people know something about real estate and think they know more. Some do, and some don’t. Many come to the party late, but party on like it’s 1999. You need to see where the “action” is. That’s what this hour to 90 minutes will focus on. There’s ALWAYS action in the real estate business.


You need to know:

  • Rule #1
  • Why you want to do this?
  • When to leap?
  • What to buy?
  • What to sell?
  • When to do it?


Bill Holden

System’s Thinker


Bill Holden is a life-long systems thinker and has applied that methodology to every facet of his life, including serving as Network & Interoperability Architect for Philips Healthcare Patient Monitoring Division. Systems thinking can be applied to technology as well as social and interpersonal relationships. Bill will lead you through a set of exercises that demonstrate how you can apply systems thinking to your own life. Bill has an MS in Health Sciences (Human Physiology and Anatomy) from Boston University.

Presenting On:

System’s Thinker

In this workshop, we will explore the basics of systems thinking and learn real-life ways to apply this to all areas of your personal and professional life. Being goal-oriented is fine, but is a recipe for spending most of your time falling short of the goals you set, feeling like a failure and being frustrated and stressed. Looking at everything in life as a system allows you to figure out how everything in your life works together. Systems thinking lets you design your personal and professional “systems” to reach much greater heights of achievement. Bill will help equip you to identify and understand the linkages and interactions between the components that comprise the entirety of your life, and give you the tools to recognize the inter-dependency between parts of your identity, personality and both professional and personal life.

Sometimes when we believe we are failing, we are really succeeding, but for a different purpose and for a different system in our life. Bill will lay out a new way to look at your life that lets you see how everything works together and how to tweak systems to get the desired effect. Trying smarter rather than just trying harder.

Even if you’re familiar with systems thinking in your professional life, applying the same methodology to your personal life (and recognizing the linkage between the two) can result in a life-altering and life-enriching experience.

Chris will be MC’ing the Day’s Events and Workshops!

Chris Gardner Profile Picture

Chris Gardner

TECH Coach


“I’m all about helping you deal with our 21st century high-tech digital world so you can enjoy a healthy and secure digital life!”

Founder of® and author of Practical Help for Your Digital Life®, Chris has helped thousands of individuals in over 120 countries deal with the complexities of modern living in the 21st century. Chris has over 20 years of direct-to-user consumer technology support and education, translating “geek-speak” into easy-to-follow advice and instructions to solve a host of problems in consumer technology. Chris’ expertise covers personal computers (Mac and &PC), mobile digital devices including smartphones, tablets & digital cameras, as well as home automation, smart appliances, home theatre & security, and of course, all things online. Chris’ Practical Help is designed to de-mystify the mysterious in consumer technology and help you get more out of what you already own. His goal is for you and everyone to have a healthy and secure digital life.

For more on Chris:

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