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Are you KISSed or are you SMART? It’s fun to decide!

Blogs are back!  I know SO MANY of you have been asking.  We have so much to look forward to.  Heather Murphy is on FIYAH! We love it, the information is wonderful.   Read on….


Hey all – we are back !!

It’s Mid January and I think I have just had the “2013 realization”.  Yup, another year behind us and just a few steps into the new one.

How do you feel about New Year Resolutions? Are they a good idea?  For me I love the idea of looking at what I want to do differently in a new year. But will I stick to it?? Eh…  So how on earth do you come to a resolution?  Isn’t it just a goal?  Ok maybe poorly said “just”. It’s a new goal or an enhanced goal from the year prior.

So if it’s a goal then let’s talk about that. Goals are intimidating at first blush aren’t they? Exciting, and Challenging!   Uh Oh! How the heck am I going to get there?  Break it down like a rap star LOL- kidding! But yes, break it down.  Ever hear the term KISS? Keep, IT, Simple, Stupid? Less is more.  Small attainable goals are going to give us way more bang for our buck AKA Ego and self confidence than these complicated one’s we ALL dream up.    And really those complicated ones are probably goals that you could break out into smaller more attainable goals. Hmmm ?

Yes I have fitness resolution(s) for 2013. I’ve yet to share them with anyone but my brain.  I need to next make sure they make sense to me and my heart! Yep I said Heart. Because I need to LOVE and have passion for my goal(s). Stand in my mirror and say I will do it.  Next up plan it out, write it out, speak it out. Speak it?  To who? To someone who will support you, tell you to GO DO IT when you are whining “I don’t wanna!”   Get your personal cheering squad. We all need them.  If you don’t share you goals (in some detail) you are more likely to not achieve them.  It gives you a level of accountability don’t you think?  Then track it.  No fancy tools are needed!  You can use your new “Images of Kittens 2013” paper calendar to X off whatever you are working towards.  Taking that marker in your hand and making a BIG RED X though that day, oooo baby such a great feeling! YAY you did it for today and the next until WHOA you did all of it!!

I will share a couple my Non-fitness goals/resolutions for 2013. Smile more and make eye contact. I love to know the Why of everything so I will share why of these resolutions. I’ve been told I don’t smile enough, and I know that due to my introverted personality I tend to veer away from eye contact.  Smiling makes everyone feel good.  So why not smile more? Eye contact in a conversation actually makes one listen better and stay in the moment.   So If I am talking to you don’t freak out!!  I may smile and look you square in the eye. No I am not crazy, just reaching for my goals one day at a time. GO Smile and GO get your goals!!  I am cheering for you!

What’s on your resolution plate?



Heather has many, many great points – wouldn’t you agree?  Let’s think about the KISS methodology – simple can be better in so many situations –  keep in mind, is simple REALLY simple or is it settling?  Many people opt for simple and what they lose is VALUE.  Suddenly SIMPLE gets you lost in your goal setting.  Now, not simple is not bad/negative/”stupid” (I use that because Heather did – HAHA!) – just be sure that your SIMPLE  means you’ve taken control of the rest of your resolutions, ideas, inner-child criteria, family and more.  Everything has to be right in order to be simple, really.  It’s true.    Let’s take something financial, we all know what that is like:

Example:   Is it simpler to pay less for something where you lose VALUE?  How about simple and losing RECOGNITION?

Let’s take something nutritional; again, we all know what that is like:

Example:  Is it simpler to pay $3.99 for XXXX processed food or $3.99 for non-processed food, or are we just appeasing those around us.  Would you actually pay $4.99 to keep value?  What is the SIMPLE part of that?  Standing on your own two feet because you’ve made that decision and stand by it?  OR – because someone nudged you, fed you what you think you wanted, because it was possibly simpler?

Just like Heather mentioned,  break . it. down.  What is your answer?  You don’t have to have it now, tomorrow or next month, BUT, it has to be yours.  Don’t put yourself in a simpler situation and lose your value, lose what your goal is, lose where you came from and who you are.  Remember, “Simple is as simple does” –Forest Gump (Tom Hanks)

Let’s play “Devil’s Advocate”.  Can we play a game of S.M.A.R.T?:

Specific.  Manageable.  Attainable.  Realistic.  Timely.

Are your goals any of these?

Want to lose 100 lbs – GREAT!  But let’s lose 1lb – 100 times.  Chew on that; no pun intended.  Remember who you ARE. Where you’re headed, who supports YOU the most, who has been there through it ALL and who you think even your fall back will be when your KISS OR SMART doesn’t work – FOR NOW.

What is it really that’s driving you?  Is it to be congenial? Is it to be realistic?  Is it to be a leader?  Is it to “one up” those around you?  Who is supporting your efforts?  SUPPORT.  Wow.  What a wonderful word.  Heather we should talk about this more!!!

Heather, you are a blessing for your words; I look forward to many insights and work with you.  Keep up the great work!

Sign Up Here for Success!


Sign up HERE for success!

Who wouldn’t sign up? I bet you are saying what’s the catch?? Well, maybe You are the catch.

So last time around we talked a bit about goals and setting them and keeping at them. How’s it going? Are you keeping it simple (KISS) without losing sight of the end zone? Did you build out your SMART plan? Do you have your cheerleader or squad giving you the GO Get’em cheer when you need or not? Shake it u, check-in on yourself and ask for help if you need it!!

OK, on to Success!! What the heck let’s go get it!! Right?? How can we build a strategy to help us stay on the yellow brick road to our own Land of Oz? Do you find yourself weeding through a cornfield of obstacles often or even once in a while when you are trying SO hard to move a goal forward? I sat down in my cornfield and pondered my condition. Here are some of the places that my journey has taken me.

NO- Say no. It seems SO hard to say no. We all want to be involved and do lots of good stuff for our family and friends and charity. Are you thinking before you say YES please? Then go Uh-oh I shouldn’t have agreed. How big is your TO DO list and I am involved with pile? Big enough? I bet you it is, just like mine. I discovered that NO is ok. Sorry No I can’t. No more to say. First time I said no to a friend asking for help with a charity she loves was very hard but in the end I supporter her and it more by saying no than if I had half heartedly “helped”.

Schedule- Have one. I love to fly by the seat of my pants but frankly, it only lasts for a little while before … My family says I’ve gone off the deep end. So I need my schedule. I know (better than roughly) at the beginning of each week what I am doing each day- work, home, gym, kid stuff, food, me time and sleep. See I snuck in me time?? That is a rare item but if you can squeeze it in it’s a million dollar prize for yourself and your family. A happy you is a happy home. Ever happen to do a test drive at that? Have you ever got yourself so overwhelmed and over worked, plus all the other thousands of things flying around in your head like Flying Monkeys you may just get on your broom stick? Then the next thing you know your family is looking at you like you are the Wicked Witch of the West!

Sit Still- it’s more than me time. It’s time to reflect and collect yourself. Meditate, Pat your dog and breath and realize you are breathing. Sit still. Best time of day for me is the morning. No one else is up but me and Annie (my cute Corgi). I have a ritual for the start of my day. Feed dog, get coffee, go sit quietly for five minutes. On my commute home at the end of the day I find a way to decompress. It’s a special time when clearing out the clutter of your day in your body and head takes place. Some folks pray, some do Yoga (not while driving) what would work for you?

Be Positive- We all have crap days. Do you have I love me moments? So much fun! My hair looks Great today! OOO look at my bicep when I brush my teeth, I’m jacked!! Turn it on to others- Tell someone you like their shoes, nails or whatever. Yup, people may come in and mess up your happy place, but is it really likely that they did so intentionally? If you hitch a ride on the negative wagon, refocus. We are the ones that control this piece of our world. Own your attitude and it will pay you back tenfold.

Now the good news is, I know we aren’t in Kansas anymore. But we haven’t arrived in OZ just yet. But we are on the yellow brick road! We all have the courage, heart and brains. Let’s keep at it. Shall we?