Pilates at Club Inhale / Exhale, Billerica MA

Pilates at Club Inhale / Exhale, Billerica MA

The best Pilates class in Billerica, MA!
When I started coaching Pilates at Club Inhale/Exhale I immediately felt this was my home!  Hi Team, Coach Jill here…let’s talk more about Pilates!
Pilates complements every aspect Club Inhale / Exhale  has to offer!  The precise, controlled concentration enhances the Core YOU ™ and Shape YOU ™ classes with Coach Michael LoColle; Core strength will kick up Kettlebell and TRX classes a notch with Coach Kelly LaCasse; a more flexible spine as well as increased range of motion of joints will help you ‘shake it’ just a little bit more in Zumba with Coach Cindy! Pilates will also help your Boxing classes with better balance and body awareness so specific muscles can be called upon when needed with Coach Jim.
In general, Pilates can help with any activity or sport.  I am very excited to be able to help the members of Club Inhale / Exhale get the most out of their fitness endeavors.  Currently my class is held Mondays 8:00-8:45 p.m.   Let me know if another time works better for your schedule! ~ Thanks, Coach Jill

How are We Different and Who are We?

Club Inhale / Exhale is a boutique sized Health Club that is community-based!  We are a private studio that integrates science and psychology to bring you upscale investments and opportunities. Our Nutritional Designs, Scientific Fitness & Body Designs, Food Psychology Coaching, and Unlimited Fitness Programs and Trademarked Fitness Classes are customized to complete your lifestyle and increase your health, fitness, and all around well-being  – easily.


Pilates at Club Inhale / Exhale, Billerica MA

Ronald Couming - Author


  1. Danielle | August 16, 2014 at 10:04 am

    Any chance class could move to tuesday?

    • Kelly LaCasse | August 19, 2014 at 10:28 am

      Hello Danielle,
      It would be up to the individual instructor and her schedule doesn’t allow for a schedule change at this time. Thank you for asking!

  2. Dina | November 24, 2014 at 8:13 am

    Do you/can you offer Pilates on weekends?


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