Trying to Kick Soda? Try These 3 Replacements Instead.

Trying to Kick Soda? Try These 3 Replacements Instead.

Soda may be delicious, but it’s also one of the leading culprits of obesity, health problems, and cavities. When you weigh all the pros and cons of getting a ginormous Big Gulp at the beginning of the day, you may realize that kicking the habit is probably a better option than filling up your cup at the gas station each morning. While kicking the soda habit is a great idea, it’s also a lot easier said than done. Here are a few things you can drink instead of soda in order to help you wean yourself off the cola.

1. Make your Own Soda

It might sound crazy, but you can actually make your own soda, and you can choose healthy ingredients to go in your delightful drink. All you need is a delicious and healthy fruit juice and some seltzer water. Mix them together and bam…you have a healthy homemade soda. You may find that this replacement tastes just as good as soda and has potential health benefits as well.

2. Drink Kombucha


If you’ve ever wandered over to the health section of any store, you may have noticed a crazy drink called kombucha. Kombucha is sweet, a bit tart, very fizzy, and get this—it’s loaded with healthful properties. Kombucha is a natural probiotic, it’s loaded with vitamins, and can actually help get rid of sugar cravings. It may be an acquired taste for some, but it can be a great replacement for sugary soda pops.

3. Drink water

Water may sound like a boring alternative, but not if you make it fun. There are over hundreds of different kinds of water – fizzy, flavored, spring, natural, Italian, tap, etc.— just waiting for you to try. The more water you consume (within reason), the healthier you will be. After a while, you will start craving water and the taste of soda may become gross.

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