90 Day Healthier Body Program

90 Day Healthier Body Program

The Weight is over: 90 days to your healthier body

Is weight loss a constant battle or mystery to you? Have you have tried every trendy diet – and failed – feel desperate, and completely off track, take a deep breath; we have the only life-changing solution.  By working with our experts, you will have a clearly designed program that delivers a truly lasting lifestyle change.    

The Weight is Over: 90 days to your healthier body program will show you exactly what it takes to understanding your healthier body and new lifestyle!     

  • You will be guided by your fitness and nutrition expert through the proven process that is guaranteed to educate you on what traditional trainers will not tell you!

  • Learn how to take simple yet effective steps to revitalizing your body with our 3-D fitness and better nutrition!

  • Learn how to set your groundbreaking goals, change your habits and live a healthier version of you!

Our 90 day coaching program includes:

  • Initial pre-coaching call and orientation

  • Two personalized 30-minute sessions with your fitness expert per week; experience 3-D fitness

  • Two group fitness classes per week

  • Monthly progressive body composition color PDF graphs includes:

    • weight loss results

    • body fat loss results

    • lean body mass % results

    • body measurement results

  • Two monthly prescheduled coaching calls includes:

    •  nutrition, fitness and lifestyle Q&A

  • Weekly Development Reports

BONUS: Join our “Wall of Fame” with Transformational progress pictures

BONUS: Access to our lifestyle radio show “Green Chocolate Bar”       

BONUS: 2 additional “Rescue ME” emergency coaching calls per month           

BONUS: Our 42 Fat Burning recipes guide plus weekly #FoodieCoach recipes and tips 

….and MORE because we love surprises!

“Club Inhale/Exhale is a wonderful community of hard working professionals who are passionate about being active and healthy! My experience there was very educational and inspiring.”  Jill Adelson Fitness Amabassador 2015!  

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