Corporate Health and Wellness Personal Coaching Program

Corporate Health and Wellness Personal Coaching Program

Corporate Health and Wellness

Personal  Training and Coaching Program

Fitness and Nutrition is a balance of Mind, Body, and Soul which allows you to conquer any obstacle.  Our Mission is to enhance the overall well being of our clients through effective use of exercise, and an understanding of nutrition that is unlike the mainstream.  There is more to food than you think!  No food is bad food.

We know that without a shadow of a doubt that for a person to truly reach their potential in anything they do they must first feel confident in themselves.  This is why we believe that with a long term healthy lifestyle in Fitness and Nutrition you will develop the strength you will need to carry you through life’s tough obstacles.

Market Analysis

  • Obesity has a devastating impact on the health of employees and, by extension, on their employers
  • Organizations lose more than $12 billion per year due to higher healthcare utilization rates, lowered productivity, increased absenteeism, elevated health and disability insurance premiums and other consequences associated with obesity and weight-related conditions
  • There is a critical need to focus on the problem of weight-related issues and establish a workplace wellness link

That’s where we come in!

  • Our Group Lifestyle Program will develop and disseminate “clear messages that stress obesity’s preventable nature as well as its role in physical and mental health.
  • We put together an all-inclusive program on weight management that offers ways for corporations to support employees’ desires to achieve healthier lifestyles.
  • Weekly and Monthly Fitness and Nutrition Tips, Recipes, Ideas, and Articles on healthy eating, home workouts, and supplementation recommendations.

We don’t leave your employees progress to chance, we evaluate and re-evaluate clients every 6 weeks.  Tracking is how we show you the program works!

  • Inches Lost
  • Weight Lost
  • Bodyfat Lost
  • Before and After Pictures

Our Corporate Health and Wellness Personal Training and Coaching Programs will improve employee productivity and moral by boosting the employees self-confidence through weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

We encourage employee feedback surveys so that we can continue to improve upon and provide employees what they want

Please keep in mind that we can work with your organization to develop a corporate wellness program that fits into your company’s specific needs. We will design a program that you can offer your employees at no extra cost to you so you can start reaping the rewards of healthier (and happier) employees right away.

Are you a local business in Billerica, Bedford, Chelmsford, Lexington, Wilmington, or Burlington?  Give us a call at 888 707 1102 to visit us in person in Billerica.

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