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Personal Training

At Club Inhale/Exhale, our Fitness Design Programs or as everyone knows it as one on one Personal Training will help you pursue an active lifestyle while achieving your fitness goals.  Whether you currently have a fitness routine that needs improvement or are looking for some guidance in how to begin an exercise program, Club Inhale/Exhale has the team of experts that will help you accomplish your goals. Our fitness instructors will provide you with the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.  We coach in our Private Studio at 530 Boston Rd, Billerica MA or in an In Home Personal Training Program

Each of our instructors are passionate about fitness, and strive to provide each client with their knowledge on a personal one on one level.  Each program is designed to help clients overcome their personal fitness challenges.  At Club Inhale/Exhale, our one on one Personal Trainers  are experts in personalizing workouts according to individual goals and health conditions.  Our expert personal trainers design a specific exercise plan that aligns with a client’s needs and will generate results.

Our Personal Training Program is top notch, we customize a program to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals.  We work with you on a personal level to continuously measure your success through our assessment tools.  Personal Training is one of the best approaches to finally reaching your fitness goals.

Our Approach – We have a unique approach to the typical personal training mentality that allows for greater results and a more customized experience.

Our Lifestyle Programs – Club Inhale/Exhale offers a variety of one on one personal training programs, all of which are ultimately carefully crafted to fit your exact fitness goals and needs.

Your Benefits The benefits of one on one training are extensive. Take a look to see how you could be benefiting from one on one personal training TODAY!  Fill out the form below!

Your Results – We know our one on one personal training programs work, but you don’t, yet. However, you don’t need to take our word for it, take a look at all of these fantastic results from people just like you!

At Club Inhale/Exhale you will receive the personal attention you need to get motivated, stay on track and see results!

Approach and Philosophy?

At Club Inhale/Exhale, we believe that through collaboration, individual attention and a 110% commitment from both us and yourself, we together can achieve your success, you will achieve the healthy lifestyle that you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

What is Club Inhale/Exhale’s White Glove Personal Training?

Our Personal Training Program is going above and beyond your typical personal trainer experience, not only crafting a workout plan, but providing coaching, motivation and education via our Fitness and Nutrition Experts.

These individuals construct fitness plans that are customized to your lifestyle and health goals. By making your goal our goal, we will start you on your path to success, help you achieve those goals, and then help you maintain the results while pushing yourself to exceed your personal expectations.

We coach in our Private Studio at 530 Boston Rd, Billerica MA or in an In Home Personal Training Program

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