Six months to Total Nutritional Transformation

Six months to Total Nutritional Transformation

The Weight is Over: Six months to Total Nutritional Transformation

Have you been given a lifetime of erroneous information about how to burn body fat, eating for real transformation and are you exhausted with thinking about “what’s for dinner”?  Do you feel like one thing leads to another and in a cycle of disappointment and confusion about your nutrition and how to make it all work?  Is this affecting your life, family and those around you?  While working with us you will have a clearly designed program that specializes in scientific facts about nutrition and psychological lifestyle changes – all while having fun!

The Weight is Over: Six months to Total Nutritional Transformation will teach you exactly how to:

  • Demystify your nutrition and make your body a fat  burning machine with customized meal planning

  • Learn once and for all how to clear nutritional obstacles with the 9 most effective nutritional strategies in the world!

  • Stay connected with your body image goals and create the lifestyle transformation you desire

  • Learn how to effectively communicate your new health and wellness plan with your social support and family

Our 6 month Total Nutritional Transformation program includes:

  • Initial pre-coaching call and orientation

  • Guided meditation before each coaching call and planning sessions

  • Four monthly coaching calls per month to demystify how to effectively lose body fat for optimal results

  • Four one-hour customized meal planning sessions that include:

    • Body fat and weight loss goals

    • Three balanced  menus with 5-6 meals based on your nutritional requirements and goals

    • Nutritional balance; includes macronutrient breakdown and vitamins

    • Recipes; directions and ingredient lists included

    • Grocery shopping lists

  • 9 steps to Great Nutrition Strategies Book with working guides

  • Six “Rescue ME” emergency coaching calls

  • Bi-monthly development reports to track results

BONUS:  Full scholarship to our exciting 3 day Health and Wellness Retreat

BONUS:  Two family support and coaching sessions and social support guide

BONUS:  Access to our lifestyle radio show “Green Chocolate Bar”

BONUS:  Three Energizing at-home workout plans for faster results

BONUS:  Join our “Wall of Fame” with Transformational progress pictures

BONUS:  Our 42 Fat Burning recipes guide plus weekly #FoodieCoach recipes and tips

…..and MORE because we love surprises!

“I had such a great time!  All the coaches went above and beyond, very professional honest and sincere at all levels. 

The coaches shared their wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition, fitness and how it affects our mind body and soul. 

Truly inspirational, can’t wait for the next Retreat!”

-June 2015 Cape Cod Retreat attendee -Anonymous survey response