Your body – back to life!

Your body – back to life!

The Weight is Over:  Your body – back to life!

Are you looking for real transformational lifestyle changes with extreme support and results and get your body back?  Are you ready to make great, impactful changes and radically change your body and mind?

Our 6 month PLUS© program is your way to conquering:

  • body image ‘expectation set points’

  • overcoming the fear how the world will receive the new you

  • increase your awareness of your ‘shape’ in the world

  • fearless nutritional decision making in social situations

  • pleasure with foods and how they relate to metabolism in your body.

This program is an “at your pace” for up to 12 months and coach-guided immersion into body image, self-awareness, and transformations that stick!  Our 6 month PLUS© program can help you expedite your results in under a year!  Let’s get your body back!

The Weight is Over: Your body – back to life program includes:

  • Welcome Gift

  • Pre-coaching call and orientation

  • Three invigorating Cheerleading sessions to get you ready

  • Guided meditation before each coaching call and planning session

  • Four monthly coaching call per month for extreme support and education

  • Four one-hour customized meal planning sessions that include

    • Eat Right for Your Blood Type Book

  • Body fat and weight loss goals

  • Three balanced menus with 5-6 meals based on your nutritional requirements and goals

  • Nutritional balance; includes macronutrient breakdown and vitamins

  • Recipes; directions and ingredient lists included

  • Grocery Shopping lists

  • 9 Steps to Great Nutrition Strategies Book with working guides

  • Nine “Rescue ME” emergency coaching calls

  • Bi-monthly development reports to track results

  • Recorded coaching calls for you to review and reflect

  • Full Scholarship to our exciting 3 day health and wellness retreat

  • Full Scholarship to our BE A PIONEER Retreat of the Year!

BONUS:  Grocery budget guide

BONUS:  Declutter your kitchen coaching and guide

BONUS:  2 family support and coaching sessions and social support guide

BONUS:  Access to our lifestyle radio show “Green Chocolate Bar”

BONUS:  3 energizing at-home workout plans for faster results

BONUS:  Join our “Wall of Fame” with transformational progress pictures

BONUS:  42 Fat Burning Recipes Guide plus weekly #FoodieCoach recipes and tips

BONUS:  VIP DINNER at our health and wellness Retreat

………and MORE because we LOVE surprises!

“Loved it!!! The retreat was the perfect combination of education and activity – exactly what I needed right now to further inspire me, to further commit to my health and wellness goals”  Coaches Kelly and Mike provide the keys to living a healthy lifestyle while keeping it realistic, attainable and safe.”

                                -Stephanie Parker, client since 2013