Kelly McCormack


Fitness & Nutrition

Kelly McCormack is the co-founder and one of the creative minds behind Club Inhale / Exhale, LLC, a business dedicated to helping clients and community reach their personal health and wellness objectives through greater understanding of nutrition psychology, fitness design and lifestyle transformations.

As Kelly explains, “Club Inhale / Exhale is about learning a new approach to fitness that focuses on attaining healthy body composition, gaining confidence and understanding what having a new lifestyle is really all about. Learning new and more positive ways to think about our body image makes reaching the ‘vision’ we have of ourselves easier, and even enjoyable!”

Kelly is able to communicate effectively with her clients because she understands the causes behind negative body image, having struggled herself in the past with untimely eating habits, misunderstanding weight loss and gain, and the psychological peaks and valleys of fitness and nutrition. August 2006 was a turning point in her life, when, recognizing she was unhealthy and unfit, she made the decision to ‘once and for all’ achieve the lifestyle she envisioned for herself and began studying physiology, anatomy, and psychology of nutrition and exercise. She hasn’t looked back!

Kelly completed her personal training certification in 2010 was honored to be invited in May of 2012 to participate in ISSA’s Master Trainer of Fitness & Nutrition Program , a select program where she is “captivated by the learning experiences that are shared in each class,” and which supports and affirms Kelly’s valuable assets, unique abilities and skills.  Kelly is pleased to have completed her Master Trainer program and is one of the first 13 in the country that can call themselves a Master of Fitness & Nutrition Design.  In 2013 Kelly opened Club Inhale/Exhale, her boutique fitness and nutrition studio in Billerica, MA and now works virtually with clients throughout the country.  Kelly is also well known in her community as a Food Psychology Coach, In early 2015 Kelly completed her certification as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition.

Kelly began the Women’s Support Group, focusing on overall Health & Wellness, called “YOU-nique” in 2012 and in 2014 Kelly and her business partner led a year-long lifestyle radio show, the Green Chocolate Bar, on WCAP out of Lowell, MA and currently they appear on Billerica Access TV as hosts of the Green Chocolate Bar television show.  In 2015 Kelly began facilitating Club Inhale / Exhale Health and Wellness Retreats.  These Retreats are local, international, operate year-round and give her clients the time and space to work on their body, mind and spirit. In March 2016 Kelly was hand-selected as the exclusive Boston Area facilitator and producer of the Human Potential Academy for personal wellness and development. Kelly is also proud to be the 2017 Chairperson of the Billerica Health and Wellness Committee. 


Certifications & Education:

  • ISSA International Sport and Science Association Graduate, Master of Fitness & Nutrition Design
  • ISSA International Sports and Science Association Graduate, C.P.T.
  • ASFA American Sports and Fitness Association Graduate
  • Spencer Institute Graduate, Food Psychology Coach
  • ISSA International Sport and Science Association Graduate, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

When not with clients at Club Inhale / Exhale, LLC., Kelly enjoys participating in local road and obstacle races, walking with her beautiful dog, Missy, or spending time traveling to places such as Australia, Italy, Ireland and the islands of the South.