Michael LoColle



Fitness & Nutrition

Michael LoColle is the co-founder and one of the creative minds behind Club Inhale / Exhale, LLC, a business dedicated to helping clients and community reach their personal health and wellness objectives through greater understanding of nutrition psychology, fitness design and lifestyle goals.

As Michael explains, “Club Inhale / Exhale is about lifestyle balance first and having a fitness & nutrition program that creates a healthy body, mind and soul is the start of that new lifestyle. Michael goes on to state, “as we learn more about ourselves personally we can then create a plan that has that at the forefront making it possible for us to achieve continued success.

Michael is able to work effectively with his clients because he understands the causes and stressors behind weight gain, having struggled himself in the past with eating habits.  Understanding how the mind relates to the body and how weight is either gained/lost is key to a successful and healthy lifestyle.

Summer of 1996 was a turning point in his life, when, recognizing he was spending more time eating out, binging, and not working out, he made the decision to start training again.  Having been an athlete he understood the time it would take as well as the nutritional changes it would take to achieve the lifestyle he envisioned for himself and began reading every book, & magazine as well as watching every documentary and training/nutrition video out there.  He spent most of his time aside from working researching bodybuilding training and nutrition.  Today one of his specialties is coaching client to get stage ready for Bodybuilding/Bikini/Physique training.  His view of the sport is one of beauty and art.

Michael is qualifying to judge for the NGA (National Gym Association).  Michael is also well known in his community as a Body & Fitness Design Expert, and a Group Fitness Instructor and pioneer in creating, developing and trademarking his own Fitness Classes with his business partner.

In June of 2015 Michael began hosting & facilitating Club Inhale / Exhale Health and Wellness Retreats.  These Retreats are national and international and give his clients the time and space to work on their body, mind and soul.

In February of 2016 Michael was hand selected to be the east coast partner for the Human Potential Academy.  These workshops focus on personal growth and leadership and are held locally and internationally.

In June 2014 through June 2015 Michael co-hosted the Green Chocolate Bar Radio Show (an interactive radio show on Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle.

In January 2016 Michael took the radio format for the Green Chocolate Bar and began co-hosting the show on BATV (Billerica Access TV)

Michael is proud to be a committee member of the Billerica Health and Wellness Fair

Club Inhale/Exhale is currently working on a fitness cookbook

Michael’s Certifications & Education:

  • International Sports and Science Association (ISSA): Graduate, C.P.T.
  • American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA): Graduate Group/Bootcamp Instructor
  • International Youth Conditional Association (IYCA): Youth Fitness Specialist
  • International Sports and Science Association (ISSA): Winning Sports Nutrition

When Michael isn’t with one of his clients at Club Inhale/Exhale, he himself enjoys training, in addition to spending time with his son, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking and enjoys any outdoors activities.  He loves to travel and experience new places and cultures.