Workshops with One Focus: Excellence in Personal Development, Fitness and Nutrition Education

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Club Inhale/Exhale workshops are a smart and cost effective way to support your Personal and Professional development. Our immersive programs are expert-developed and designed to improve quality in every facet of your lifestyle.  We are lifestyle coaches with an emphasis on fitness and nutrition that provide you workshops/seminars that help you develop personally and professionally while helping you live a healthier and much more fulfilling life.

Men’s Wellness Retreat

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Men, take a break from your busy schedules and come together with other men for networking and education.

This is our first of many Men’s Wellness Retreats that will bring together a great panel of speakers with topics ranging from Men’s Health and Wellness, Creating a Fulfilling Partnership, Real Estate, Systems Thinking and Practical Help For Your Digital Life.

Men’s Wellness Retreats are a great time to connect with others in your field of work or make new connections to network with.

During this retreat day you will have a chance to learn from the experts in their fields and pick their brain!

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Your Nutrition Design –  Make Eating Simple Again!


Make Simple Yet Effective Changes to Your Meal Plan

Its aim is to discuss how certain foods have a bigger impact on your results when trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or stay healthy.  This workshop is interactive so bring questions.

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Game Changer: – Make Change Stick and Have Fun With It!

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Play bigger, larger, and better.  How?


  • Definition of change: to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone: to change one’s name 
  • to change one’s opinion;
  • to change  the course of history.
  • to transform or convert (usually followed by into): The witch changed the prince into a toad.

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The Big 3: Macros and Meal Timing, How They Work To Get YOU Real Results!


What Are Macronutrients?

Nutrients are environmental substances used for energy, growth, and bodily functions by organisms. Depending on the nutrient, these substances are needed in small amounts or larger amounts. Those that are needed in large amounts are called macronutrients.  Learn how these and putting them in balance with Meal Timing can change your results from none to amazing!

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B-LEEF™ System.  6 Clear Steps to Believing in YOU!


What if:

  • You reached your first goal of moving UP in the world?
  • You became a pioneer and talked about your CHANGE in the world?
  • What if you were healthier?
  • What if you looked in the mirror and went – “booya!!!”….. because you played by your own GAME and used these tried and true steps of action.

Why does all of this work?  B-LEEF ™ System……

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